Many women both in and out of church have got beautiful hosts. These hosts are amazing and come in incredible kinds. The challenge is appreciation g your host and rocking her to the best of your ability. Even with the truth that we are spirit being our hosts the bodies need to be dressed to match the anointing we have. These are tips that will help a sister and mother look glamorous and will not stumble a brother. Appreciate your body type and you will be most comfortable in it.

“I have been called a plus size model for 15years…at the end of the day, I know who I am” Daniell Redman. What causes Redman a plus size American model confidently utter this statement is because she has grown to appreciate her body and so should you.

Who on earth knows Eve’s body shape? So let us take the paradox that Eve the first woman created gave birth to ladies with all the four types of body shapes. Enough with the kit-chat let the fashion guru tell you how to rock your body shape. The apple shape is one with the top heavy, this means that your bust is three or more inches bigger than the hips.


With the apple shape you need to put bright colours to emphasize your strength and opt for dull colours at the lower bottom. Choose round dresses and avoid clothes that are tight because they will change your precious apple into a balloon. Not to forget make use of thick belts to help you make a waist line.

Straight or rectangular shape, here the hips and waist are almost the same size. Rock the cylindrical shape by exaggerating your curves to avoid looking boyish. Buy clothes that have ruffles and stay away from baggy jeans and track suits however choose to accessorize the upper since the curves are your emphasis at the lower part of your body.

The pear body shape has the hips significantly larger than the bust. Instead of going in for plastic surgery to enlarge your bust, your put dull colours up and bright down to emphasize your hips. Also accessorize with a choker to get a little glamour up. The last body type is the hour glass. Your hips and bust are equal with a slim waist. With the hour glass dress to flatter not to flatten.

Go rock your body type and leave them wowed. The apple, rectangular, pear and hour glass are all fashionable body shapes only if dressed right. Love your body and rock her.


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