Every lady dreams of getting married one day, to some it is the ultimate achievement in life to others there’s more to marriage, which ever category you fall in, you need these beauty tips. These tips are also for the ladies who want to get married. Enough with the chit chat let’s dive in already.

Fabulous hair.


Indulge in hair massages for your scalp and hair. You can keep the oil overnight and then either visit a hair spa or do it yourself with the help of your shampoo and conditioner. Your hair has to look nourished, shiny and damage free. Style it and spray.

Flawless body

Start getting full body treatments ahead of the big day. Your skin treatment, sauna to remove toxins and exfoliation routine to remove dead skin. Also, make sure that every day, after shower, apply a good amount of  body lotion to your skin to make sure it is no dull and lifeless and to keep it nourished.

Freshness vibe.

Moisturizing is absolutely the key ingredient to make your skin look good. Moisturizing your body well will help you trap the moisture in your skin, so make you follow a regular routine. Try using body lotion or oil even before you have left the shower, just after rinsing soap. It will help lock in some extra moisture and leave your skin happy.


Fabulous pedicure

No chipped nails on pre wedding day, skin care includes pampering feet too. You should ideally get a relaxing pedicure done two days to the D-day. Pick your nails-art to match to your dress. Best way to get smooth and happy feet is moisturizing. You can also follow this routine on your own. All you need to do is dip your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub off dead skin from the heels, wash and pat them dry with the help of a towel. Apply foot cream and wear socks before going to bed.



Go have the unforgettable date of your life.



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