Glitz and Glamour

Women love glitters, I love glitters, everyone love glitters. Glitters come with glamour and we all want to be “glam queen.” But how well do we wear these glitters so they do not over shadow us. How well do we wear our glitters and still maintain our personalities? Too much of the talk let’s dig into the details already.

First of all pick a beautiful color to much the glitters. Whichever cloth your placing the shine on make sure the color favors your skin complexion. This mainly works incase your ordering a custom made gown. For example I would not advise that a person with a dark skin complexion to wear a yellow dress and add glitters that would be blinding even to us the onlookers. What I’m saying is find a color that matches your skin complexion and add glitter then you will get the glamour.

Know the occasion your going for. Is it a red carpet event, birthday,wedding or dinner. I believe the glitters need to be regulated according to the occasion. As you can see the personality I have picked for tonight’s example Anita Fabiola chose a blue and golden gown because she was going for a red carpet event. This kind of gown helps her stand as the host of the event.

However if it’s a birthday I would not advise that you take on all that glitter. I think it would be too much. For a birthday less is more and more is less. Likewise on a wedding ceremony that is not yours, why would you wear a gown with extreme glitter on your friend’s wedding. Darling let a sister have her shine.

Less make up more glitter, when you have a red carpet event I would advise you go for less make up but more glitter because you also want to be seen as well. Make up is amazing but it can also work against you. When going for a occasion make sure your make up artist takes a look at your dress so she/he gives you a perfect face beat.

Moving on to the jewllery, if you ever want to rock a gown full of glitters. Try as much as you can to do less jewllery or none at all. Remember the gown is already giving you a shine. Put less or no jewllery unless you want to shine brighter than the sun.

Foot wear, I don’t need to say a lot here. People may not get to see your shoes but nevertheless make sure they look simply amazing.

So darling go slay your red carpet event.



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