How do you decide what to wear? Who tells you what to wear? Why do you wear the way you do? Where and when do you wear those particular clothes?

Often times women’s opinions are highly influenced by multiple factors. These factors are usually economic, political and social. However today I would love to focus on the social factors for our Sexy Saturday session. By social factors I mean the people around us,our ecology. Our ecology is made up of our opinion leaders; these are friends or sisters we hold in high regard. Ecology is also made up social platforms and influencers, these are usually bloggers who influence our opinions people like me.

My article today is focused on not letting people dictate your lifestyle. Listen to our opinions but never let influencers like me dictate the way you dress and lifestyle.

Why do we rank opinions of others highly more than ours? It is because we think they have more knowledge more which may be true or false to a certain extent. But even with their knowledge I would advise that you consider their opinions but never let them dictate your lifestyle.

Never let anyone dictate your style because when they do your letting their opinions into your mind to dictate your opinions. Dress the way you want to dress and express yourself the way you know how.ย 

Personally on Saturdays, I prefer wearing shorts considering I have been wearing dresses and skirts throughout the entire week. Its time to dress sexy and so should you. Find your body strength and emphasize it. ย Never let anyone dictate your style because your style is who you are. #sexysaturday.


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