The little unseen often neglected garments that we wear in our fabulous dresses have been speaking to me lately. The have cried for a while now and today I have chosen to give them the attention they deserve.

The neglected babies are not taken care of, their unkempt and underrated, because of this they are now; stressed, depressed, compressed and suppressed. This frustration they face has been caused by us; the people supposed to take care of these babies have neglected them. This has caused malnutrition in the lives of these little ones the under garments

Often times we think because we are dressed right on the outside the garments on the inside do not count. Actually I believe these inner garments count the most. These inner garments shape the outside. These inner garments define your outlook more than anything so today, I have decided to share with you some tips I use to make sure I have a perfect inside.
First and foremost the size matters. When I enter a lingerie shop I know the side to walk to. This is because I have grown to learn my body. I know I am not a size 12 so I will walk to the size with “xxl”. Picking the right size for you in either knickers or bra will not only give you comfort but it will also shape your chest area and bottom area will.
Secondly, when I’m choosing which bra or knickers to pay for, I do not just randomly pick any material because I treasure the parts of my body that are going to wear these garments. I usually prefer inner garments made of cotton because to me their safe. I also prefer cotton because I do not want garments that will cut me when I sweat and because of wounds. So go for cotton.
Thirdly after confirming its cotton I go on to the colors. I know some of my readers love matching their inner garments. Like if she is wearing a black bra she wants to match it with a black under garment, which is alright. However, for me I love multiple colored under garments. So I find myself purchasing a blue bra with a peach under garment. I love multi colored combinations. But in a nut shell make it a point to pick colors you love and you are comfortable with.
Note that when you are picking colors include some safe colors like black for these transparent dresses we love to wear.

The fourth thing I do is the fitting, usually these lingerie shops measure clients. Make sure you are measured to make sure the garments you are about to carry home are your perfect size. Remember most of these have a return policy therefore make it a point to make sure you are measured. This is to avoid wearing under garments that do not fit. Remember if it does not fit it will come with its own complication like a depression on your shoulder and around the chest area.
Lastly after you have bought, reach home and first soak them then wash the under garments before wearing. It is only making sure you are safe. Remember prevention is better than cure.
With those five simple tips go enjoy the comfort of wearing the perfect under garments.


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