Dear Nana or as love to call you Binku (bestfriend)

I am writing this letter to wish you the happiest birthday of all. The end of the old year marks the beginning of a new glorious year one I’m humbled to begin walk with you. I will not say it’s been a journey like many would expect me to but I would love to say it’s been God. All through my walk with you it’s been God.  You are such a blessing to me I cannot even break you down but let me will try.

I remember our primary days in St.Thereza Namagunga, you were a big sister at such a tender age. You always looked out for me despite me being an extremely stubborn baby sister.  You cried with me when I got into trouble. You would warn me not to do it again but I still did. But even when I repeated my mistakes you would not chase me away you would cry with me again, that was true love and still is. You were first person to show me what the grace of God meant.

You and I share a lot of memories together actually cross that, we share a lifetime together! But through it all you have been and still are my rock and a pillar I can always count on. I also remember in Namagunga I used to eat the entire “grab” mummy used to bring for us, but even then you corrected me in love. It humbles me.

We did not get the chance to go to the same high school but even then we created our own memories. I remember used to write letters like this to each other. Telling each other what was happening in our different worlds. I remember we even had diaries where we used to write and during the holiday we would exchange them and read each other’s happiest and darkest secrets, oooh my secret keeper I celebrate.

Our lives have now changed to a whole new glory and there in is my university experience. An experience I would never have walked successful without your guidance and counsel, one where you have taught me that prayer is the only way how. You have imputed in me values and lessons I can never part with. To pray about everything I do even the tiny things I learnt from you. To care and love my other baby sisters I learnt from you. To be responsible and integral in my finances I learnt from you. I can write a whole epistle about you but allow me end this precious letter by sharing you what I see in this New Year. I see Jehovah God opening doors for you. I see HE who spoke the whole world into form makes you the economist you want to be. I see direct economies even the strongest economies of this world crying out for your help. I see you solve the toughest of challenges.  I see you plan and predict stock exchange rates. I see you lending to governments both large and small. The world will wonder how a single individual can hold the economies of the world in one mind and keep them balanced. I also see God perfecting everything that concerns you, the God who melts mountains and makes paths in the sea is maintains your lot. He makes you wiser than your teachers and your children will be the greatest of them all. I see good health, multiplication of wealth and favor before all. Even just by the mention of your name favor precedes it. I see you surpass worldly wealth. I see you exalted in glory because of the number of souls you won for God. I see nations bowing at the name of the Lord you serve. I see you successful and a role model to multitudes, ooh woman of God let me pen off because I cannot fathom the depth God has placed in you. Heavenly birthday Musiima Ronah Ateenyi Nana Binku

With love your baby sis Rhoda



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