You know that time when you sleep and you get a nightmare. You imagine yourself screaming on top of your voice for someone to come and help. Then you realize no one is coming. So you decide to move to your sister’s bed. With the hope that maybe the nightmare will stop. But it just does not stop. The nightmare returns and at the end of it you find light at the end of the tunnel. And there is it is Desire Luzinda’s gate crushing dress at the Uganda Entertainment Awards.

I have been avoiding commenting on this dress for so many reasons including the fact that words fail me. But when I accidently landed on this dress again in my news feed it occurred to me that this was the universe’s way of telling me to write something about this precious show stopping dress.

Before I start digging into the tiny detail of the dress, let me first comment amount the flawless make up. The makeup was exceptional, the eyes, the contours and nude lips were perfectly done. I noticed the nude lips were something new for Desire this made me love the fact that her makeup artist pushed her out her comfort zone.

Then dress OMG! The dress was a combination of sleek and fabulous. Allow me use “fabusleek”. I loved the color, the red was screaming, “My name is Desire and I’m the queen of the redcarpet.” the color alone wowed me a lot. Then the details of the dress were well done. It was combination of lace and floras. Then the floral was also blended in a dark shade of red. The dress was trendy, unique and simply amazing. Desire matched this amazing dress with a golden clutch. That did not get a lot of attention because the dress was amazing.

To perfectly match this amazing hair and makeup, Desire decided to hold her hair up in a ban. This was the best route to take for the hair because after a fabulous like that you just cannot let your hair out.

The last thing I loved was how her stylists paid attention to the little details. The jewelry was tiny and nails were polished black. This is how you gate crush a red carpet event with uniqueness, creativity, appropriateness and novelty. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s put our hands together and give Desire Luzinda a round of applause.



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