Shiela Gashumba at the MTV MAMA Awards 2016

Every experience in life should be an opportunity for us to learn from. I understand no Ugandan artiste walked away with accolade at the recently concluded MTV MAMA awards but I believe we still won. I actually love what Sheebah wrote after the awards, she said “unforgettable experience.” This was proof that she drew life lessons out of it that is what makes it unforegttable.
We won first because of the lessons we drew out of the whole experience and we also won because we slayed the red carpet. Like I love saying we gate crushed the red carpet. Some Ugandans that represented us did not disappoint me only that one particular one stood out for me, the Gash Glam queen slayer; Shiela Gashumba.

When I saw her on the red carpet I was wowed! Shielah owned the red carpet, you would think she is Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy’s. The way she freely posed for the camera. You would think she has walked on the red carpet for the past thirty years. With alot of elegance and compsure she graced the ceremony. I love her body language. It was exceptional and clearly ampilified, ” My name is Sheilah Gashumba and I am a queen slayer.”

Besides the body language, the gown she wore would not go unnotice. Let us start our usual breakdown from hair to the nitty gritties.

Starting with the hair; Sheilah decided to wear one of her Gash hair. I loved the color of the hair which was red. besides the colour I loved the fact that she decided to hold it back because it helped her emphasize her make up.

With make up she decided to go with a smoky eye and red lipstick. I loved the blend of the red hair with the shade of lipstick Shielah wore. I know some of you may look at it as over matching but I loved it because the hair and lipstick colour perfectly matched the black gown.

The gown, the gown indeed a stunner! I loved the slit and thigh power like men love to say. The attire  was a diva gown. I loved the top details around the chest area and the trail on the gown did the magic. The dress was beautiful and unique athe smart time.

Nitty gritties category I would love to appreciate her shoes. I loved the fact that she went for a black shoe because if it had been red then she would be a valentine princess. The choker and tiny ear rings were also amazing.

As a conclude allow me appreciate the fact that Shielah took on the red and black risk but blended them well like a diva and therefore walked away as one. If she was a musician I would say it was a drop experience. Thanks Shielah for representing us well. A round of applause for the little stunner.


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