1461853628-screen-shot-2016-04-28-at-102307-amFinally the long awaited review is here. I have been getting emails requesting me to review the Kylie lipsticks so let us get started no more time to waste. I really do love these lipstick because they make me  feel sophisticated when I  wear them. Not that I am  Kylie die hard but I appreciate nice things when I see them. My favorites are Mary J, Maliboo, Kristen, Leo and Brown Sugar. These are my new babies and they make feel fabulous when I wear them. First of all I do not have to touch it up. I apply it once for the whole day. Secondly the way they matte  is amazing. You feel the lipstick sinking on your lips.Thirdly  they are affordable and high quality.


My favorite is a mix of Poise K and Kourt K, the combo is just amazing. It makes me feel gorgeous without trying so hard. However as you are buying these make sure you purchase one that is the best for your skin complexion. Personally however much I love True Brown I know it does not suit me because of my skin complexion.

Remember the best investment you can ever make is in yourself. So go get yourself a Kylie Jenner kit.

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