“Repeating a telenovela is proof of lack of creativity in our nation”, was my first tweet during the premiering of NTV Second Chance. Then I followed it with “These producers are just wasting our talent and resources with their lack of novelty”, I thought to myself. I may not support the whole idea of redoing the telenovela because I know their many talented script writers in Uganda. But these ladies in Second Chance sure as hell know how to dress for the red carpet. I will choose to focus on Fabiola, someone we are very familiar with on our blog.

Just look at this dress! Take a break and in hale all the flawlessness and freshness in this gown. It was phenomenal. I love the fact that she dressed for her character in the soap opera, “Angellah”. Angellah is a girl with a kind, generous, forgiving and innocent heart.  One who is willing to help everyone at the cost of her life indeed an angel with a human body!  I do not think I need to breakdown this one down to dress, hair and makeup because clearly Fabiola has mastered the art of dressing for the red carpet. Well done my dear go slay that role!

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