A Plus Size Role Model

I love the plus size movement and humbled to be part of it too. Reading these interviews just opens my eyes to the truth and fact that I am not alone in this movement.

the curvy capetonian


Koketso Mogoaneng

(All images courtesy of Revelation Fashion)

Our latest interview is with the plus size lady, Koketso Mogoaneng. She’s a voluptuous, bodacious, bootylicious beauty.  Her story is inspiring and moving, to say the least. Koketso embodies the phrase ‘self love’ and I think, is a more than worthy individual for our latest interview. Without further ado, here goes…   


Q:         Please tell us more about yourself?

A:         This question makes me feel like I don’t know myself. I am a lover of life, I am very ambitious, a business owner and a part time student. I enjoy meeting new people because you’ll never know how the next person will impact your life. I love exploring what life has to offer, see new places and get inspired by how diverse our world is. I am obsessed with fast cars, I mean, I can tell you which car is…

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