A Ugandan Beauty

It is one thing for a girl child to grow thinking their ugly and another to grow up and realize that they are the most beautiful creature ever created. This is the power of plus size woman who has discovered how beautiful she is.

the curvy capetonian

This month’s feature I discovered on instagram. She is also an African blogger, such as myself. This Nubian queen is a vivacious, plus-sized, style diva. Who isn’t afraid to show off her curves…


About myself; I am called Nakato Florence. I am aged 24 years, a Ugandan plus size activist and a plus size blogger and my blog is called Diary of a plus size Ugandan. I am living in Uganda that’s in East Africa.

Q) What made you go into the plus size industry?
A) I decide to join the plus size industry so as to stand for the plus sized women like me that have faced a lot of body shaming and not looked at as beautiful. Growing up I faced that a lot for I was a chubby child until this day. Many people labelled me with sorts of names fat ugly unworthy you name it. Being…

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