This world has seen the extreme of everything; extreme nudity, extreme stereotypes and extreme prejudice and extreme racism. The sun can clearly testify to the existence of all this. But when the world has said they have seen it all what is difference we are going to make. What is that special thing we are going you do that will make you peculiar from the rest? What is the difference between you and the person you want to be? As a plus size woman I ask myself every morning, what the difference is between me and Lacen Leopard or Isabella Forget?  I discovered a little but magnificent secret which that these people we look up to dared to be different.

The women and men we idolized dared to take their potential, ability and time to create a version of them the world had never seen. They have created a version of themselves that only they can define. I choose to call it a version because it indeed is a personality created in the minds of others. This version of them is what that keeps us up at night checking out their lives on Google. This version of them is what makes us turn on notifications on their Instagram accounts to keep track of their lives.


All this started the day these personalities made a choice and dared to be different. So as plus size women we need to take the dare. We are taking on this dare and it is a life time decision we are making today. The difference is we are rising up to create an extreme love for plus size women. We are standing up to say enough is enough. To the society that spoke that thought we would never go far, take a seat and watch us glow.  What society has to say about us has nothing on us because the only weapon society has against us are words but we have the greatest the weapons of all times the attitude, the will and the power to dare to be different. If we plus size women change our attitude towards ourselves we can transform the fashion industry and society as a whole.


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