I was walking on the streets on Kampala in Uganda and one of those men on the walk way knocked a lady and her purse threw up all the junk there is in the world. I was perplexed about to feel pity or seat her down for one of my talks. Her purse was the epitome of embarrassing. Let me save you the embarrassment and share with you the essentials in my purse. Like my girlfriends and I usually say pick a leaf or a branch if you must.

Wallet; your wallet does not have to match your purse but make sure it has your necessary cards like driving permit, credit cards and emergence money. Do not pack more than two credit cards you surely do not want to be a spend thrift. Make it a point to carry emergence money because you never know when you are may get stuck. Besides you also do not want to be the tagging friend as people go for lunch.

The second one may shock many of you but yes breathe mints; do I have a bad breath? No dear but I just the freshness the mint gives me. After you eat or after a while your breath will get stinky. Keep a pack of gum to keep it nice and fresh. You surely do not want to be the girl with a bad breathe, you will miss out on the good guys. Bad breathe equals to total turn off.


Lotion; just in case your hands get dry or you just want to smell nice better still after the occasional washing of hands smear some lotion.  Couple up your lotion with hand sanitizer for the cold or flu season; surely do not want to catch that cold. The lotion will also help make your hands are smooth and soft the whole day. Enjoy your hand shakes.

Basic makeup for touch ups; help the people around you by not carrying your whole make up kit from home. You can do the entire heavy make up at home but I do not believe in carrying the whole kit everywhere you go. But make sure the lipstick, gloss and powder are all kept in a makeup bag so when you need it you do not pour everything out to get your lipstick. Make it a routine to retouch your make up during breaks to make it look fresh. In your make up bag include a hairbrush for the super windy days.

Sanitary; these include wipes, tissue and besides even if it is not that time of month it is good to have them just in case you need to help a sister out.

Lastly considering you are not weatherman make it a point to carry shades and an umbrella especially us in the tropics where you just cannot tell when it will rain on you or not.

Darlings, do not dare disappoint that trendy purse of yours.



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