Gloria Haguma a fashion columnist in Daily Monitor wrote and said “This trend is not for the faint hearted nor is it for those who have an abs deficiency” I agree with this statement only that I would love to disagree with this whole trend of lace for men.

Wearing lace clothes is a women’s trend and I would love to ask that it stays that way, unless a man wants to pull off a feminine look which is wrong in my opinion.


Worse still you find gentlemen wearing the lace with formal pants. This is just so wrong! I beg. When you decide to wear the lace shirts for men please take it to the most informal event on your schedule.

To make it worse some guys decide to wear vests inside yet this look should be worn alone. I advise that to wear this lace make sure that your abs game is on point before you embarrass yourself in public.



  1. I saw the first picture and was like, “Hey, that’s not too bad, the guys pretty hot.” Then I scrolled down to the man in the black ruffle (bleck to ruffles in general) lace suit! My daughter and I had a great big laugh. What were they thinking? LMAO!

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  2. In America we call this the transgender revolution.. Men dress as woman and woman dress as men.. we get all confused because some do not want to be called man or woman..
    I agree lace on men is strange.. certainly not a fashion statement!


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