First of all allow me say happy and heavenly birthday my love Raymond. The heavens are rejoicing because of you and also because you made it to this day. Glory to the most high God they say.
Growing up with you has been fun and so full of inspirations. Your life is like a draw boarding we drew life lessons from. Your line of thought and insights are always so enlightening; a professor indeed. I treasure your advice and carry it in high regard not only because you are my brother but because of the wisdom with which it carries; King Solomon has nothing on you!
I call you my life, my 2016 miracle, my inspiration to live, my undisputed champion, my hero and my evidence of a merciful and loving God. You make me brave. It was pretty exciting when we sat in the business center and you shared with me your plans of travelling to a whole new state because of the belief I have in you I gave you a big yes. I knew this was the breakthrough we had been waiting for and indeed it was despite it being short lived.


I was at Uganda Revenue Authority when I receive the phone call that you had not landed at Entebbe airport and that you had collapsed at Addis. I remember asking my angels to leave me and protect you for me which I know they did because you returned breathing. We went through all that happened but Sunday night was the most trying of them all. I watched life leaving your body and knelt on my knees prayed to a God who says is merciful to spare your life. In that short and very intense time I made promises to God some of which I keep recollecting and I know that my prayers together with other brethren’s prayers God showed mercy for that I’m very indebted to God because, when God saves you from a life or death situation you serve Him like it is a matter of life or death. I bless God for your life because from it I draw rivers of life time lessons. I would love to call these life time lessons because not even the devil dancing in my face can draw them away from me. If God’s plan was to teach me how precious life, I learned and learned it well.


The other lessons I drew of out of the whole experience were how merciful and loving God is, indeed His ear is inclined to the cries of His people. I also learned that the greatest treasures one can have in life are people. The family members and friends that turned up to visit you in hospital actually over whelmed me. I tried to make a list for you but I would not contain the numbers; people are a treasure. And today being your birthday I would love to thank everyone that came to visit us, made a phone or even sent a message. May this merciful God be made manifest in your lives and situations.
The lessons we draw are to perfect us for the future and looking at your future actually humbles me and it makes me understand why the enemy was fighting so hard to steal you from this earth because you are a man of great works; a dynamite and magnetic evangelist. You will answer the call of creation that awaits the manifestation of sons of God. You are the true evidence of a merciful God in our generation and a testimony of the love of God. I see you advice presidents on how to lead nations. I see multitudes reading your words of wisdoms. I see your life testimony giving hope to many people across the world. I see you drawing multitudes to God. I see you evangelism in the most dangerous of nations and people giving their lives to Christ. Raymond, I see you causing the word and love of God to be shade abroad in the hearts of men. I see you taking the word of God to extreme heights, nations will know your God is a God of mercy and love. I love you and I thank God for you. Happy birthday my hero.



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