Our love time frame is infinity

because boo you and I are for eternity.

We are the dynamic duo,

others only dream of.

We are our own Romeo and Juliet.

We are a mix of vintage and classy

because boo classy wine is tasty.

It has been three years and eight months.

With valleys that make us stronger,

And mountain tops on which we dance

Let us continue counting together,

because with you it is indeed forever.


Our love is true

Our love is real

Our love is honest

Our is love is enduring;

that is what makes it eternal

because love,

You and I are everlasting

and forever lasting.

In you I found a playmate

In you I found a hubby

In you I found a best friend

In you I found a brother

You are my all in one

like an ice cream combo with all flavors

Our future is bright

Our future is lit

Baby it has no fright;

because we aren’t tripping.

We just flying


Boo you are my forever love

Suns and moons down the road,

have proved that.

Cheers to you my sunshine

and moonlight.

With love your eternal Princess


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