Hey Ladies

As you prepare for end of year parties and award events like Abraynz Style and Fashion Awards, VIVA awards or that partnership dinner you have been counting down to. Take off time and check out some looks I have compiled for you from the recently concluded  American Music Awards and other looks from the different movie premieres. I do not think I need to write much about these outfits because they are simply beautiful.


I loved Nichole Kidman’s  black velvet leg striking dress. I am not saying appear in the same outfit, only get an idea or two and create an outfit of your own.rs_634x1024-161118124930-634-christina-hendricks-jr-111816

For Christina Hendricks it is basically print up and something plain on the bottom. It is simply classy and leaves out the idea of I tried too hard.


Ciara’s look is a different kind of look compared to what she always wears for awards. You can try out something new, different is on the red carpet is a show stopper.


Taraji P.Henson went for daring and sexy, I really think it paid off.


The runway model Gigi Hadid, also picked something different and free at the same time. She looks very comfortable especially with the pockets.


When I saw Selena Gomez in this dress, I went like wow. Very classy and elegant at the same  time.


Last but not least, Gabrielle Union with a beautiful white thigh striking dress, very sexy I must say.

Clearly with these different branches of designs you cannot fail to find yourself.  Thank me later.




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