Where should I start from? Should I start from the part where the Media Challenge Academy coordinator contacted me to present an award or from the part where my one of my tailors disappointed me by not delivering my dress on the D-day.  Anyway I would rather not bore you with the details but what I know is by the end of the day one of my dress makers delivered a special kind of fabulous.


While some people look at being a plus size as a curse I look it as a blessing. Being a plus size beauty is my life and I treasure and carry it with all honors. Some  people also choose to think because  you are a plus size you cannot slay particular types of fabrics like African prints; which I totally disagree with because I tried a dash of African print and look how it turned out.


This is full proof that we plus size women can wear  just about anything and look glamorous as long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing. When I’m choosing my clothes I always prefer to go with comfort and so should you. So to build my comfort in my African print, I made sure I got a color I love; green. Then when I was designing the dress I put pockets to give me the confidence I needed for the red carpet especially while posing for those many cameras.  Pockets where then spiced up with a belt like cloth in the middle of my waist which had toppings of a ribbon at the back and the length of the dress.


But since I’m the kind of person who likes to have a slice of trendy with everything I wear, I decided to mix my African print with lace at the top and a black golden pearled up necklace this made me feel like a queen on the red carpet.


Now to the little details that always count for me, I decided to plait a human piece that I would play around with on that day by either ironing it or curling it up. My make up was on point and likewise my shoes were the definition of comfort and trendy. No offence to the rest of the ladies that attended but I believe I topped the list of the glam squad. Plus sizes always win. Cheers to all plus size beauties.




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