Insecurity is a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of confidence or anxiety about who you are. Insecurities are the greatest hindrances to achieving dreams and visions. They are the greatest demons that stop us from reaching our epitome of greatest. It is until you face that insecurity that you will reach your full potential.

In this journey of life, we get to encounter different insecurities some we overcome, others we are work in progress. However this work in progress can be quickened when we read and hear from other people who have managed to overcome the issues we consider as insecurities in our lives.

I choose to share from a view of a plus size young woman because to me it was the greatest insecurity I ever had and overcame that is why I choose to share my story with the world. I do not share my story to brag of the fact that I have finally conquered but to share my experiences with someone out there who is going through what I went through. You may not necessarily be a plus size beauty but you may have had a few issues growing up that you consider as insecurities.

Before I start to tell my tale of being a plus size young woman, I would love all my dear readers to note that  I do not write this to get pity from any of you  because by the time I share my story it is proof that I am no longer where I used to be. I only chose to share my story because I wish someone shared with me their victory a few years back. I already spoke about the growing up untill when I got exposed to the cruelty of the world that has no word like mercy in its vocabulary.

So I finished my advanced level very well and went into the vacation stage. For my Senior Six vacation I travelled to my sister’s place where I babysat. During my vacation my body started to change and by change I mean expand. At first I thought it was because I was eating a lot of food so I reduced on the amount of food intake.Then I thought it was because I was not exercising so I started exercising. Darlings to my own shock my body only continued to expand. Fast forward, vacation ended and I started my university life where I got the shock of my life. I love to call it the shock of a life time!

Most of my friends that I knew had actually gone to contest for Miss Uganda beauty peagant and others were joining modeling agencies. Oooh my goodness I was left floating in space when it hit me that I was actually the only one who had gained that much weight in that particular circle of friends. But that did not break me.




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