Make it a point to look as beautiful as you want to feel. I love my personal brand, a beautiful proudly plus size Ugandan girl.

Growing up my mother and family never made me feel ugly because of my size but when I got exposed to the rest of the whole world. I discovered how cruel the world is. Everyone felt they had a right to talk to me about my size. I felt the cruelty of the world filling up my beautifully colored small world. But now I’m grateful to all those that spoke because it was out of the pain I felt that I drew strength to love and honor my body.
Many years down the road, I’m confident to share what I looked at as insecurity with the other younger girls and even older woman.
Through it all I learnt that all they said were just words and the tricky thing about words is you give them the power to rule over you.

There was point in my life when the words other people said ruled over my mind. Opinions of others occupied my line of thought. I worried too much about what others thought of me and this is what made feel insecure.

What people said made me hate towards my body and everything that concerned it. I showed the world I was a tough beauty queen but on the inside I was a rotting fish. I battled with the idea of my size for a long time, months and years but I was still the same frustrated me. This honestly made me so sad and turned a world I looked at as colorful into a den of darkest.

My world became dark because I chose to give the world the opportunity, platform and right to say what they wanted to say just until one morning I got fade up. I decided to stand up for myself and be the woman God created me to be. It has been a journey and still a journey. But since this just part one of my life story allow me pen off here.



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