“Confidence is the only brand you will never wear that will never grow old.”

I know many of you are expecting Part 2 of “From Insecurity to Security” unfortunately; it is not on the menu today. Today I want to share a few tips that give me a lot of confidence, considering it is the weekend we all need a chill pill. I will not share with you text book information but some tips I have personally built on my own. Due to lack of mentor in this area of my life, I decided to come up my own tips to treat the disease of low self esteem.

First of all I noticed what was killing was my esteem were words from others. I had allowed what was outside to defile me so I started to counter those words. Every time some said a mean statement I would say to myself “Girl you are so beautiful” with time I started looking at myself differently. This helped me appreciate the body God had given me. Remember it is the mind that gives words power. So I conditioned my mind to ignore all form of negativity and focus on the positivity in my journey as a plus size beauty.

The second tip concerns the clothes I used wear. I know that there are no rules in the fashion industry but to me I have this one rule I choose never to break. It’s called comfort. I chose to wear clothes I was comfortable with to avoid those awkward moments of having to pull a short jean skirt down because that is a strong sign of low self esteem. I did not want the world to look at me as someone who was ashamed of my body so I found refugee in wearing comfortable clothes. This actually paid off because it helped understand my body type better in the long run slaying my host. (PS: check out for ROCK YOUR HOST on my blog)


The other tip I apply is speaking up and standing up for myself, this basically helped me break out of my shell; speaking up opened doors of friendships for me and also gave me a platform to express myself about the issues at hand. On the other hand standing up for myself actually helped me fight back in every single situation.

 Ladies and gentlemen above all I prayed about my confidence and God answered my prayers. Like many of may know, I am a Christian so I turned to one I believe  is supreme to come save me from the bondage of low self esteem and truthfully He did set me free.  Trust me today there is no word that can bring me down. I am unstoppable and unshakable. As we enjoy the weekend feel free to share with me your tips to building self confidence


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