“People will stare make it worth their while”

We waited for Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards like a pot of milk on the stove. The organizers made it very clear bring style to the red carpet and I had my eyes on a few people I trust to nail awards like this.  To my own shock and disappointment all my hopes were flashed down the drain like no one cared.  Sit back and enjoy because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Looking at all the ladies I was anticipating to slay, it is with great regret to announce that no one will get a round of applause from us today. People dressed like they had not prepared for the event. Are stylists becoming too expensive or what? We were all ready to stare but guess what ladies it was not really worth the stare. I’m going to begin with those that those that tried to those who completely did not make the cut. Clearly I’m a disappointed fashion guru. To begin with; Crystal Newman


Crystal’s dress is actually stunning; I love the fabric and trail. But the shoes ooh my goodness! I know there are very many shoe boutiques around town; an open two strap would do better. Next!


Dear Desire, just because we loved the lace at the Uganda Entertainment Awards did not mean it was to become a uniform on the red carpet. Expected better.


Fabulous Fabiola, I loved the design of the dress but the color did not work in your favor this time around. After what you show cased at the awards in Ghana I did not see this coming. Congrats on the award!


But Malayika Nnyanzi you graced the Genesis fashion show with mind blowing outfits and then you bring such an average outfit at the ASFA, not what I was expecting from a fashionista because I know you can do much better.


Now someone pass me a glass of water to cool off because the beauty queens on the left got my temper raising. Did you they even get the memo we said bring style not whatever that is.

I think the more I talk about these outfits the more frustrated I become. Let me just leave you my dear readers other outfits that just make me annoyingly speechless because I do not think I even have the time to caption these outfits.


In a nut shell, I advise that next year people will have to first send in their outfits for approval before they disgrace the red carpet…. haha scratch that, ladies it is simple hire very good stylists and keep checking my blog for the latest red carpet trends. Do not hate on a sister just being real.





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