Happy birthday JJ, my; “besto, sister, partner in crime, ride or die, great listener, slayer and black beauty; it is an honor to know you.  I remember the first day we met, we were in a literature lecture and the lecturer asked us to write our registration numbers down but you had forgotten the piece of paper on which you had written your number at home. So I told you that when you go back just write  it down in all your books so no matter which book you carry, your registration number will be with you all the time. Little did I know that would mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship let alone sisterhood?

My relationship with you is different but peculiar in its own way. The honesty with which you share and speak your mind makes you so different from other people. When you came into my life you brought with you a different kind of friendship I had not experienced before, I think I say that on your every birthday but only because it is true.


With you there is no pretence and the way you believe in me just drives me nuts because your love believes all things and that is what makes your heart so big and life so beautiful.  The connection we have I cannot describe in words because even without us telling each other a thing we know what is going through the other’s mind. I love how we go out and you automatically foot the bill or I foot it without pulling any strings. I love our best friend forever “BFF” day out because they have taught me that we do not have to wait for birthdays to celebrate each other and that is what makes our world colorful. The photo shoots and make up sessions are just fabulous and from them I learn unplanned events are the best.

Your approach to life is very interesting; you are my everyday chill pill. I love how you always tell me,”Besto don’t over think it.” because it automatically makes me realize the answers I was looking for where right before me. I also love how you embrace your skin complexion because it has taught me the power of how beautiful others think you are lies in how beautiful you think you are.


My dear “besto” your personality and character is hard to find it is like trying to find a needle in the hay stuck. It is more like searching for diamonds at the beach practically impossible in this day and era.  I really want to thank you for believing in Prince and me at a time I was blinded to see certain things but now I know why God brought you in my life. I’m really grateful He did because if you were a Valentino dress in a boutique I would never have afforded you.  You are my everyday therapist that is why I call you my listener; I love how you give me a platform to express myself in our conversations. It’s pretty clear I talk the most but even with my extrovert temperament you have an amazing way of making sure I hear your point of view. This amazing it even shows in our photo shoots.


You make my world very colorful and I thank you for that everyday indeed a “besto” for life. I celebrate you in my life and never forget that.  I think I should stop here before I spill our secrets.  I love you JJ and happiest birthday.



  1. Oh Lord. I know so many people have prepared gifts and that’s really beautiful and so thoughtful, but this is beyond a gift. This means so much to me. Not because it’s the first blog anyone has ever written about me, but because it’s made me feel appreciated and understood. I am so humbled, to know that you remember all this. Not so many people understand me, not so many people take time to notice the things I do, but you have done that besto. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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