Have you been in a place where you felt like you were surrounded by dream killers? You felt like your dreams were going down the drain all because of what people said to you. Not anymore because I am going to share with you my version of Jay Colby’s How to Overcome Dream Killers.

Build a strong support system: The hard truth is not everyone is going to support you. That is why it is important to prioritize. Surround yourself with people that believe in you and will be honest with you.

Don’t Listen: Just do not entertain negative energy in your life because it will never take you anywhere.

Believe in yourself: When you believe in yourself you can never be bothered by the negativity that comes your way because you know no matter what you will make it.

Focus on your vision: Instead of letting other people opinions create negative thoughts in your mind.  Stay focus on your vision by starting to accept that we all fail sometimes but success is inevitable if you keep learning, growing, and believing in yourself.

Don’t tell everyone your dreams: This is vital because you can avoid some doubters by simply not telling them your dreams. However this is easier said than done because sometimes you never know who is a dream killer until you tell them your dream.

Kick dream killers out of your life this 2017




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