My favorite season of the beginning of the year is here. It’s the awards season ladies and lords. You all know how I love fashion and style, which definitely goes without a say.  Allow me with great honor present to you my best dressed ladies at the 74th Golden Globes 2017 and some trends that have started this year with a bang.


Tracy Ellis blow me away, she was nominated for best actress in a television series and she dressed like she had already won. She made history too, by being the first black woman to win this award. That aside i love the dress, the metallic lining  stripes were beautifully done.


Emily Ratajkowski, I know many of us cannot pronounce her second name but that does not hinder the fact that she brought sexy to the red carpet. Perfect dress on the perfect person.


Brie Larson, 2016’s break out actress’dress was simply flawless.


The first black woman to win an Oscar, I really Viola Davis on the red carpet. She does not try too hard but she always turns up classy and graceful.

Ruth Negga represented the metallic gang pretty well too, for the record her dress took more than 100 hours to be hand knit.


Lastly on my best dressed list is, Olivia Culpo. I know many of you may not agree but I actually liked this dressed because it was unique.

All these ladies on my list brought novel to the red carpet and that is what i love most about fashion and style, the uniqueness with which people express it. Congratulations ladies


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