I may not be a power house musician but I am persuaded I have a gate crashing body. To my lovely body I promise to share the tales of our relationship to the whole world in a bid that our tales will transform lives. I promise a life time of joy for you, one where I will forever walk with confidence in you. Never to try change you but celebrate every single inch of you.  I promise to give you all the security in heaven and earth combined. My host, to who I hold in high esteem, I promise to hold you and keep you pure. I promise to always thank God for you because He perfectly molded you for me; you are indeed a perfect and priceless art piece. To love and to cherish, in health and in style, for society to learn from our relationship, that they too can have the esteem in which we glory. With you it will be a lifetime of pure body love. Cheers to us gorgeous.


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