Happy birthday Esther dearest, clearly I cannot sum you up in this blog because one thing is for sure the depth of your love is endless. You have a heart so big, that you go out of your way to make others happy. You do the extra things in life that just add a cherry on top of our ice cream. You are such a kind sister and your generosity goes without say because truly when you give, you give your all. In you I found a sister, one I can look up to in terms of living a happy life because you are living it. From you I have learnt that family does not end on the people with whom we sure a womb but it goes out to those we meet and we turn into family. Clearly with you the difference is zero because to me you are family. I really thank God for you because you are gift worth cherishing. In this day and era where everything is so capitalist in its way, you have proved to us all that there are still some pretty special souls in the world and that is Essy. My simple words of wisdom to you my big sister are guard your heart because it is your kind and generous heart that will not only take you places but also open for you doors that seemed impossible to many. I love you very much my Esther dearest. Happy birthday


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