Well…well, I just would not wait for this day to reach. It’s my twin’s birthday so join me as we wish her a happy birthday. Happy birthday Quin dearest, my spiritual twin,  lifetime partner in crime, forever plus size slayer mate, counsel and confidant. With you I do not know where to start because life with you is so full color, love and care. Quin dearest, I do not want to get into the too much writing because if I start I may not stop. However their particular moments in life I would love to thank you for because I would never have made it if it were not for you. Every time I remember our Advanced level experiences I just thank God for you because He brought you right on time to paint my world with color and for that I am forever grateful.


Our journey together has also taught me how to care for people more because darling you do care, you always give us presents on our birthday and we do not take that for granted. For you being in our lives we are grateful to God because the counsel you give is for days.

I know I have never told you this one, but I love how you ask me so many questions about my life, eeeh you live no stone un-turned, however much I feel it is too much sometimes, I still love it because it makes me think my life actions I have someone to be accountable to, for that big sister care I am very grateful.img_20160529_161425


All I can on this magnificent day is I am grateful to God that we crossed paths because since then we have never looked back.  You make my life so much better and easier, thank you very for being a wonderful big sister, best friend and someone I can always count on for anything, thank you very Quin dearest.




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