Being a plus size model in Uganda is not as it may sound in other states that are on another level of appreciating the beauty in plus size women. That is why I cannot go any further with this piece without thanking icons like Ashley Graham and Amber Rilley among others who have paved the way for plus size beauties in the world today. As for my country it is important that I appreciate Nakitende Esther for the work she is doing in representing Uganda on the international scene and from whom I draw some lessons.


So, back to my experience as a growing plus size model in Uganda there are  mainly two big challenges one being the fact that most personalities in the fashion industry have not opened  their doors to the existence  of plus size models which leads to the second one of stylists not wanting to work with plus size beauties. I cannot say that I have completely conquered or solved these problems but I can confidently say that I am on that journey and one day I will proudly stand and talk of the change I and few others have made in our fashion industry.

To begin that journey of transforming the industry, one of the few designers with an open mind Lwazi Designs contacted me for a plus size campaign which I found humbling considering it was my first professional shoot despite the many I have done for fun.  Working with Lwazi designs showed that there are fashion designers who actually still appreciate the beauty in plus size women because never did I notice throughout the whole process of making the clothes and fitting Lwazi design CEO Jackie Lutty’s face give off a regrettable look for working with me considering the many boutique attendants who give me “the we do not have your size here look.” Apart from that her customer service is incredible; she particularly makes you feel like a princess who’s everything should be handled with care.

As a young plus size model I would love to appreciate Lwazi designs for taking that brave step of believing in plus beauties in Uganda and also being in position to deliver not only on time but also the best of the best to our kind, it is humbling. To other designers who still feel it is too much working with a plus size model think twice because it is the new normal besides wouldn’t it be a bore to have only one size of women wearing your clothes.  Cheers to the new fashion industry.


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