I wish the universe did not limit my appreciation to only saying thank you because the gratitude that I feel in my heart is too much, it leaves me speechless. I cannot explain how grateful I am for yesterday because truly it over whelms me. I would really love to thank my family, special sisters, special brothers and friends for all the love you showed me yesterday it really blew me away. I really do appreciate everything from the calls to the messages to the gifts and the outings I am very grateful. A million thanks from me to each one of you in your different capacities for taking off time to show you care that I have a happy birthday. I am also grateful to all of you for accepting me for me in your lives because it means volumes to be accepted for the person that I am, one of the fist plus size models in Uganda, a fashion stylist and so much more. Thank you for not trying to change me. I am driven to tears because of the love you showed me yesterday. I want you to know that I appreciate the relationship I have with each one of you because my relationship with each one of you is peculiar in its own way. May God give unto you all your hearts’ desires, thank you all. With love Musiima Rhoda Greyson


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