“Queens adjust your crowns and let’s rule this world and everything in it.”

I have faithfully watched the series Scandal, from its inception to now season six as I wait for the series final season seven. I have watched characters come and go. I have also watched characters live and fight for their power till the end.
My greatest lesson from this very thrilling and unpredictable series from a writer I truly honor @shondarhimes is that I need to be the powerful woman I want to see.
I will focus this piece one of my favorite character Olivia Pope who proved that a woman is the most powerful weapon ever created. Olivia Pope ruled America. When Olivia Pope realized her potential and she got things done, a gladiator indeed. Olivia had her flaws like many may argue she slept with a married but that cannot make you question her potential because that same woman put Mellie Grant in the oval. But there are still Popes in the world today? Of course they are, women who are actually making a difference and changing the world. The problem is there are twice the numbers of women who are sitting on their potential.
Women who are spending a lot of time looking up to other women who they presume have “made it” in life but is that right? Is it right for us to worship a fellow woman yet we too could be worshipped? Is it right for you to spend ten hours of your time on social media reading and researching on a fellow woman you think has done it right?
Of course it is wrong, why spend time researching on another person yet you can actually be that person being researched on. According to Facebook today, there are 768,000,000 female users and 991,000,000 male users all over the world. The female users are many but sadly also the content they post and share does not depict the power within as many have called it “soft news”. What happened to women loving the hard news? Have we conceded to the gender stereotypes of society? I hope after reading this piece you will get your guns ready to fire bullets of brilliant ideas that can actually change the world. Imagine a world where every woman is empowered enough to have autonomy and pursue dreams. That will be the last wonder of the world.

In the concluded USA election we had a woman running for president @hillaryclinton. We all know she had flaws but who does not? The main life changing issue is that she actually made an attempt to run for the biggest office in the world. It does not matter that she lost because she proved to the world that she actually had what it takes to be president to the most powerful country on earth. To most of us this was supposed to be a wake up that we can actually be the powerful women we want to see. Sadly some missed the call, let me give you another.
Dear women, let us put our lives together and rule this world. Be the best of who we want to be. Is it being a lawyer, an accountant, a scientist, fashion designer or artist? Choose to be the most powerful version of yourself because you truly can be.
I know there are numerous forces fighting against us but let us prove them wrong. Defy stereotypes and change society’s wrong perceptions. We can be the powerful women we want to see only when we set our minds to it and do what we can to make it happen.
It is okay to want to be the greatest but let us not end there, let us actually be the greatest and most powerful specie on the earth because we already are; we just had never realized it.
Let us make it a point that ending this month of women we make it our lifetime job to change society and the world as a world. Be the powerful woman you want to see.


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