Hi! Bonjour! Hola family, it’s Rhoda Greyson here a digital communicator, blogger and motivational speaker. My background is a pretty interesting one; I was born in Uganda, Africa to a God fearing family with many siblings, it was fun growing up!

Rhoda Greyson is a fun loving, God fearing, ambitious, hardworking, generous and humble person. I am jovial despite being an introvert at first meeting; I am an extrovert when I get comfortable with you. I have an ESFJ-T consul personality. I hold my word and promises in high regard. Above all I love God, family and friends. I go out of my way to do things for people I love. I treasure my relationships with people. I don’t have kids yet but I love kids a lot: their innocence speaks volumes to me. I have had my fair share of heartaches but still a sucker for romance.

Am passionate about; inspiring the world, fashion and beauty hence this blog. Let me pen off here and get to it therein I can tell you more about me. I love you, and thanks for visiting!Warmed-Heart.png



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